1st year of my PhD program nearly over.

| May 15, 2013

Here is my first blog post, in the last week (or two) of completing classes and assignments for my first year as a PhD student here at Teachers College. What a year it has been!

A fair warning to the reader: I love stream-of-consciousness prose. Since all other writing I’ve done at TC here so far has been academic (Philosophy and Education, represent), and since I’ve recently been inspired (by authors like Rilke and Hillesum) to get back into keeping a journal, and since I just came across the A&H site offering free student blogs, and since I have a crush on run-on sentences, I figured I’d start this free-form blog, here, now, today.

The blog is titled Wizdumb, which is the name of the my ‘zine I started at age 15. I published 10 issues over the span of about 7 years, and have been meaning to get back into expressing myself through the medium of Wizdumb again.

Back to the topic of this particular entry: year 1 of PhD. What can I say? I have learned a lot about myself due to particular life events that have happened, readings that I’ve done (amen to Heidegger and Emerson), and most of all, through my forming relationships with the whole new world of people that I’ve met as a newcomer to NYC. It’s people that make it all matter…

People. Their ideas, their idiosyncrasies, their ways of communicating, their ways of not communicating, their insecurities, their strengths, their love.

Yes, get used to it. I’m a sappy writer. I’ll use words like love all_the_time.

And we need a place where we can let words out that are not cited. That are not graded. That are not.. high-stakes…

So I’ll leave it at that for now. This blog will fall into the category of low-stakes. Pure and simple. Or muddled and obscure. Just me…